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Conflict Between India and Maldives: The Unexplored Facts

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Conflict Between India and Maldives controversy started a few days back when Indian Prime Minister Naredra Modi went on a trip to Indian island Lakshadveep. It all started after prime minister narendra modi shared the beauty of lakshadveep photos on social media.

When the President of Maldives Mohamed Muizzoo and his wife Sajida Mohammad were on a visit to China, the discussion related to India was going on in that country.

Mohamed Muizzou is on an official visit to China after becoming president for the first time. He left for Turkey on November 17 as his first visit after becoming President. Earlier, the President of Maldives used to come to India on his first official visit.

The latest debate started after several controversial comments made by some leaders of the Muizzu Ministry on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Lakshadweep islands on January 4 and shared his photos there on social media. Many Indians who saw those photos said they should go to Lakshadweep instead of Maldives.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also tweeted asking Indians to visit Lakshadweep.

Mariam Shiuna of the Moizzu Ministry tweeted objectionable tweets on Modi’s photos. Mariam Shiona criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi by linking him with Israel. Moreover, he made comments that looked down on Lakshadweep.

Maldives leaders Malsha Sharif Magazoom Majid also tweeted criticizing India. Apart from them, members of the Senate of Maldives, Zahir Rameez, a member of the Progressive Party of Maldives, also made several comments about the Lakshadweep videos posted by Modi on social media.

“That’s a very good question. But if you want to compete with us, it’s an illusion. How can Indians be so clean. The constant stench from their rooms becomes a major obstacle.” – Zahir Ramiz

Maldives has also launched a campaign on social media. They want to come to Maldives and talk about its beauty.

At such a time, as the Maldivian leaders made objectionable comments on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, instead of this, the comments made by Indian celebrities are seen on social media.

Many Bollywood actors including Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan and Sachin Tendulkar have asked the people of the country to visit Indian islands.

Many celebrities including Akshay Kumar have strongly objected to the comments made by the Maldivian leaders.

As the matter escalated, the Maldivian government finally had to come up with an explanation.

“We know what is happening on social media in India. Those are their personal comments. They have nothing to do with the government. If anyone makes such comments before, we will not hesitate to take action.” – Government of Maldives

Within hours of this announcement, the government suspended ministers and leaders who made objectionable comments against Modi.

The country’s media also published about the decision of Indians to cancel their tours. Most of the tourists to Maldives are Indians.

“I condemn the use of hateful language by Maldivian government officials on social media against India. India has always been a good ally of Maldives.” Ibrahim Solih

“The threatening comments made by the Deputy Ministers of the current Maldivian government, a leader of a party in the ruling coalition, Prime Minister Modi, on social media against Indians are condemnable and hateful. Those in government positions should behave with courtesy.” – Abdul Shahid, Former Foreign Minister

Many celebrities in Maldives are also expressing their views on this.

Parliament Speaker Mohammad Aslam responded by saying, “Some Deputy Ministers’ offensive comments against Prime Minister Modi have nothing to do with the thoughts of the Maldivian people. India and Maldives share respect and cooperation. It will benefit both countries. Let’s strengthen the bond and make mutual relations better.” Said.

And if this is the case, let us enjoy our places and see our islands too. In the next article, let’s learn about the amazing places in Lakshadweep.

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