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Daisy Dale Farm Park: 22 Exciting Experiences for Kids!

Daisy Dale farm Park was recently opened in Mokila, Hyderabad. It has a wide range of animals and birds. Children and adults can visit this place for a perfect joy and fun. They have designed it in a very unique way. 

I visited many places but this is one of the best things my family and I thoroughly enjoyed. My kids were asking me when is our next visit to this place.

Prices and entry fees

  • Entry fee Per child ₹550 above two years
  • Entry Fee per adult ₹600 above 18 years


Here are the packages for your reference before you go

Animal interaction package1160/-
Outdoor adventure activity package1920/-
Kids attraction under 10 years package2280/-
Teen attraction above ten years package2080/-
Magic, VIP class package4250/-

Food and breweries are not included in any package. These charges are extra.

How to book your tickets for the Daisy Dale farm Park

You can book your tickets by visiting the Daisy Dale farm Park official website or You can also book On BookMyShow website.

There you have options, you can select your desired Packages and book them online.


  • A day outing with the family
  • School and group visits
  • Safety Security
  • Washrooms
  • Drinking Water
  • Parking
  • lounge 
  • Dining
  • Security
  • Event organisation

Activities available in daisy dale farm park

  1. Animals and birds interactions
  2. London, bus
  3. Train
  4. Seven. Wonders of the world.
  5. Funky monkey
  6. Dancing bull
  7. horror house
  8. Indoor cricket
  9. Kids zone
  10. Farm ride
  11. Boating
  12. Barbie Palace visit
  13. Talking parrots
  14. Shooting
  15. Archery
  16. Horse riding
  17. beautiful selfie points
  18. hide and seek
  19. rhymes Park
  20. Dinosaur Park
  21. Wild animals park
  22. Birds park

Daisy Dale Farm Park, timings

The Daisy Dale farm Park timings are 10 AM to 10 PM. Every Tuesday is a holiday.

Why should we visit Daisy Dale Farm Park?

Children will surely enjoy this. He will see More than 40 kinds of animals and birds Here. Many parents might be searching for the best place to spend good time with their children. Here they have rhymes garden, Seven Wonders of the world, London bus, Train Safari, Beautiful parrots, Some Parrots speak or repeat our words. 

They have horse riding, indoor cricket, kids zone, farm garden, bike riding, horror house. And after having all the good time here, we can have some good food here at the dining area. 

Daisy Dale Farm Park opened on 14 February 2024. This farm Is located at Mokila Village, which is very near to Hyderabad. If you are from Hyderabad, you can Go easy with a 30-40 minutes of short ride. 

Our family thrilling experience in Daisy Dale Farm Park

We started from Sangareddy. It took us 45 minutes to reach there. Our children were so excited before reaching this place. 

Welcome by Barbie

When we entered after parking our car, one beautiful angel in a Barbie avatar welcomed us. My daughter Akruti was very much surprised as she thought that she is really Barbie. 

After this excitement, we took entry tickets And entered Into the kids virtual world. We reached Here mid afternoon around 2:30 PM. 

Pets and Soft Animals

When we entered here, we saw cows, rabbits, goats, sheeps, white friendly pigs, ostriches and horses. You can do horse riding here. We actually bought entry tickets only. But after our entry we saw so many activities we could do there. 

Meeting Mr. Mittu – The Talking Parrot

best places for kids
Talking Parrot in this park

After seeing these animals we went towards the talking parrot. It is very beautiful and you can actually Hold it in your hands. If you did not buy the package you need to buy a ticket by paying ₹200 per person to feel this experience. Please note that don’t make noise when you hold these birds in your hands because they might be scared. 

After seeing this, my kids were feeling thirsty And I went to their store to buy a water bottle. They have a unique Keychains Collection. Their collection of keychains it too good. 

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Beautiful Rhymes Garden

Rhymes Garden
Daisy Dale Farm Park Rhymes Garden

Later we went to explore rhymes garden. In Rhymes Garden kids feel the real world of rhymes. After seeing these Your kids will surely enjoy Learning rhymes. 

Animal Themed Parks

After this, they have a dinosaur Park and wild animals park. They have created a theme Where you can celebrate any event. 

Birds Garden


We entered a bird garden where you have a wide range of birds and you can feed them. They have Beautiful doves, Roosters, hens, Little birds and small parrots. They allow limited people. By this , birds do not panic. So they need our cooperation here by Maintaining calm. 

Farm Ride

Daisy Dale Farm Park Bike
Daisy Dale Farm Park Bike

After this, our kids asked us for a farm bike ride. They are charging ₹150 for a ride per child. This takes just 10 minutes For a ride.

London Bus Ride

London Bus Ride
London Bus Ride

London bus ride, they charge ₹150 per child for a round of seven wonders of the world in This park. This London bus is very beautiful and you can capture some beautiful images of your children on this bus.

Snacks and Eateries

We were feeling hungry and thought of having some snacks. We bought some popcorn and egg rolls. For each Eggroll and popcorn they are taking ₹100. 

Barbie’s Palace


Finally, we went to the Barbie Palace. My daughter Felt very excited And rushed Words Barbie angel. She was very friendly, and we clicked some snaps with her. 


My son wanted to go boating. For boating, they are charging ₹200 per child for a ride. This is very safe. Caretakers observe Your child while boating. By Completing boating We ended our activities as we needed to go to attend a function. 

We missed some activities

We missed Indoor cricket, Horror house, Dining section, Kids zone and some other activities. 

Planning again to Daisy Dale Farm House

We are planning again as my children liked this place a lot and we needed to cover unexplored activities.


This is all about Daisy Dale Farm Park & Resort. I hope you like our article. We will be posting some more interesting articles. Subscribe to our blog! And if you found our article helpful please write your comments below. Thank you for reading!

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