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Blockbuster Hanuman Movie 2024 – Expert Review

hanuman movie review

Hanuman Movie released on 12th January 2024. Superman genre films in Telugu are a bit rare. Hanuman came to the audience as a superhero movie in the combination of director Prashant Varma and hero Teja Sajja. It started as a small film and increased the scale and stood in the Sankranti ring. 

Has Hanuman met the expectations of the audience? Did this superhero movie impress the audience?

Let’s see the review of this movie.

Hanuman Movie is a Story of the Superman, but

What did an ordinary boy Hanumanthu do when he got super powers? The story of Hanuman is how he faced all the enemies and reached his goal

All superhero like hanuman movies are almost like this but the real point of how popular the story is told is that director Anjanadri creates a region that sets a unique tone for the story. The way the story starts is also interesting.

Each lead establishes the intensity of Michael’s childhood aspirations to become Superman in the first few scenes.

Has the magic of Rudhiramani entertained?

In Hanuman movie Hanumanthu was so weak that he took the help of the wall to carry the casket. Such a person gets super powers due to Rudhira Mani and then his stunts are very entertaining. At one stage the story has shades of Malayalam movie Minnal Murali. However, the director created the drama without using the super power freely and putting some restrictions on it.

Some ups and downs in Hanuman Movie

The director of the world welfare is not the only target of Superman’s movement, but the first off is carried with good grip, but in the second half, the story seems to be wandering here and there. It takes a long time for the villain to find out how the hero got his superpowers.

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On the other hand, the love story in the story is not very appealing. Elections coming in the background of Palegadu’s role in the village seem to be an unnecessary rush

The climax is loka kalyana

The climax in the story gives Hanuman an exciting ending. Climax action sequels have been designed at the level of Hollywood movies, such a war sequence is new to the Telugu screen.

There is a surprise in the climax. The way Hanuman’s character is revealed in Manchukonda is the director’s plan to make this story like a Marvel series in the climax. Expecting a perfect ending to the story of Hanuman might be a bit of a disappointment. It ends with the dialogue Hanuma, keep your promise to Rama. But the directors have kept that word in suspense for now.

Teja Sajja as Superman

The right choice for the role of Hanuman in this movie looked natural in the role. There is a chance of going over the board in a story of superpowers like this. But Teja was very settled and could play his role. His hero looks good.

The difficulty in the action scenes is visible on screen. Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar impressed in the role of Anjamma. Amrita Iyer who appeared in the role of Meenakshi did not make much of an impact. Vinay Roy appeared in Hollywood as the villain. Vennela Kishore will be seen as a scientist. Satya, Getup Seenu, Rakesh Master roles are also very impressive. The character of Samudrakani is useful for good elevation. The rest of the role is limited.

Did the audience like the construction of making the hanuman movie?

Hanuman movie technically it is very good. The songs didn’t work but Gaura Hari’s background music took the movie to another level. The BGM has been given a good workout in every action sequence.

Dasharathi Surendra’s camera work is top notch. The visuals look very rich. 

The CG work is also very well done. The big statue of Hanuman is made as if it is real. Production Design The way Anjanadri is made is very good. The director started this film with a long term plan.

He has made this film so that the whole family can watch it without vulgarity.