7 Yummy and Healthy South Indian Breakfasts 

When you roam south india you will see treditional breakfasts in each state. And you must try them. Good for health and delicious to taste.

Idli with Coconut chutney

This is a traditional breakfast dish in south india. This is a regular routine dish in south india as breakfast. This  is a lite breakfast which digests very easily.


This is also another traditional breakfast made of rice flour mostly. Good in protiens and gives strength. Its commonly made in different combitions.


This dish commonly made of upma rawa sometimes they made using vermiseli flour. In this dish some sort of veggies like carrot, grean peas are used. 


This dish is very much adopted by kerala people. This dish can be prepared by rice, raw coconut, jaggery and some masala's. The cooking process done by steam.


This is called pongal. This is also a special traditional breakfast dish. Mostly prepared at the time of festivals. Its made of moong dal and rice.


This is also a traditional breakfast and its prepared in same manner like dosa. But this is thicker than dosa. You will find this dish in karnataka.


south Indian breakfast made by steaming batter. This dish is known by various names, including paddu, appe, gundponglu, ponganalu.

How to prepare Ponganalu